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From my heart to yours.

A letter to you...

A message from Babes & Brews Founder, Steff Smith:

Sunday, March 22, 2020 

I just want to take a moment and say I am grateful for you. Yes, you Babe.

My intention with this message is that you feel more connected, courageous, and confident moving forward and knowing that you always have our Babes & Brews commUNITY to lean on for support when you need it.   You can fill your cup together with other women just like you, who are trying their best with the current circumstances.

Every woman who I come in contact with, holds the potential to shine endless love and light in our communities and all around the world.  It’s something very special that you have in your heart and now, more than ever, your family, your friends, your neighbors and the world needs you to shine radical compassion and light into the darkness.


But first, please fill YOUR cup, Babe.

It is so crucial now more than ever, because so many people in your life need you and YOU need you too.


It’s okay not to have it all together right now.  As the general public gets swept away from the mindless hustle, the demands of work and home life, and with the chaos on every social media and news is so important to create the space for you to feel the full spectrum of human emotions, release, let go, repeat, and make space to welcome in more unconditional love, compassion, and peace in your life.


Your health comes first.  We’ve said it, over and over there is not "enough time" to slow down, to take a mental/emotional health day, to go outside and play, to spend quality time with loved ones, etc.  Well Babe, here it is!  YOU GET TO take the time to hit pause on that “busy” schedule, YOU GET TO pivot in a new direction (some opportunities welcomed, others not as much) and actually BE human.  Feel all the feels, and listen to what you, and your heart needs right now.

I am right there with you.  Trust me when I say, we are all doing our best to navigate the hazy road ahead of us.  Taking EVERYTHING on a day to day basis. Coming back to basics and simplifying our lives.  Taking account of what really matter most.


Let's Connect Digitally. I am dedicated to providing multiple opportunities so you feel plugged in and connected to our community (and other resources) as we pivot together in this virtual experience.


Babes & Brews is offering virtual meetups, webinars, and coworking events to replace our weekly in-person meetups.  I’ve just updated our Community Calendar of Events from now thru April, with even more opportunities for connection coming soon!  If you are an exclusive Babes & Brews Community Member, these will be included in your current Membership at no additional cost.  


FREE Opportunities:  We do offer a couple FREE (donations accepted) ways to connect, but if you are currently in a state of abundance, please consider signing up for a membership to help support our growing community.  Now that we have moved everything online, our community is also accessible to those who live outside of Phoenix and need this type of support!

You can join our Private Babes & Brews Facebook Community, to access our FREE resource of community support, collaboration, and conversation.

Support local: As a small community based business, I feel for all our local businesses that have had to close their doors temporarily, or are currently experiencing the stress of trying to juggle the uncertainty with their team members/employees relying on them to sustain their lives and their loved ones.  Let us all send them love and if you are able, please invest your dollars locally to support your neighbors.


If you are a local business or entrepreneur, please contact me directly.  I will be putting together a resource directory for our community and would be happy to feature your business and support you!


“Pain is the greatest connector of humanity.”  A powerful statement from my friend and mentor, Natalie Ehmka, who talks about the power of radical compassion.  This is why I wanted to reach out today and remind you that:

1.   You are not alone in this.

2.   Our community, and so many others, are here for you.

3.   Let us all take this opportunity to spread radical compassion to ourselves and everyone around us because your good day, maybe another person’s bad day, but may our love and human kindness catch like wildfire across the globe.


If someone you know needs the support right now, please kindly share this message, share our community calendar, and share your heart with them right now.

You are reading this message by no coincidence.  I sincerely do care about each and everyone of you who are in my life, in this community, even if we haven’t met in person yet. As always, I’m only a click, a tap, or a phone call away. Please let us know how we can support you. Thank you for your continued support of our commUNITY.


Love to you all,

  Steff Smith

Founder of Babes & Brews Community

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