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Babes who Emerge: 

Chakra Movement & Connection

In this 9-Week Experience

You Will Receive:

The tools to carry you forward into 2020, feel more CONFIDENT, speak YOUR TRUTH, & TRUST in your divine purpose.

Learn how to build a strong Foundation of Self Healing & Self Expression

Interactive lesson about each of the 7 Chakras--your Energy Centers.

Intuitive Movement & Guided Meditation to help heal & activate your energy centers

Voice Activation with Chanting to speak your truth and FEEL MORE AUTHENTIC in your

Self Expression

The Intuitive Movement Workshop for the Babe who is ready to embrace her most authentic self. 

This is for you if...

Meditation Class
  • You want to improve your health and increase your energy with simple & effective practices of self healing.

  • You're curious or have been studying the chakras, but do not know where to start or focus. 

  • You desire a safe, heart centered environment with women like you and the accountability from a group experience.

  • You desire to connect with your body through movement and be fully present.

  • You love to learn through experience and are excited to integrate the Chakra Movement & Connection throughout your life. 

Release emotional & physical insecurities, increase confidence, & connect with your

physical body.

  • How to build up your unique foundation of self healing through healing your chakras

  • How to connect with your body & soul with intuitive movement & sound

  • How to use your voice with authority through chanting

  • How to receive peace, calm, & clarity with guided meditation

  • How to heal & activate your energy centers and feel more balanced and in harmony

  • How to create an at-home practice to expand your healing and embrace your higher self

Learn these powerful skills to show up

as the most authentic version of yourself!

The Best Intuitive Movement Experience for You to...

Receive the tools to carry you forward into 2020 feeling more confident,

speaking your truth, & trusting your divine purpose.


  • FREE ADMISSION for you (& A FRIEND!)  to our Babes who Emerge: Chakra Movement & Connection introduction class on March 24th, 2020.​  ($30 value)

  • VIP gift bag at the end of our 9 week experience.  ($150 value) 

  • A community of women who freely express their true essence and celebrate this life together.(PRICELESS)

Are you ready to feel more connected, increase your positive energy, and

enjoy your life more right now?



Mindfulness & Personal Transformation Coach

Karla Vergopia is a personal transformation leader and healer to woman all over the world.

HERstory is a powerful example of self love and embracing her truth by sharing her story of resilience and coming back home to own the power within her.  

Through her mindfulness, transformation coaching programs and wellness retreats, she has helped women to stand tall as their most empowered and authentic selves.



THE Conscious Community Connector

As the founder of Babes & Brews Community, Steff Smith has an open heart for all things related to conscious community and connection served with a warm cup of coffee.

Spending most of her life as an introvert, HERstory is one of transformation and is a continuous unfolding of the magic of this Babes & Brews commUNITY.  She believes in a world where every woman feels empowered by her own story and her voice creates a ripple of compassion that moves throughout time.


By creating a community for conscious and ambitious, heart-centered women, she invites all women to COME AS YOU ARE and find the support, connection and alignment for your purpose you've been searching for.

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