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Meet Babes and Brews Community Partner

Juliette Ordonia

Babes and Brews Blogger Taylor Bishop created this series to share the inspiring stories of our Community Partners

Learn more about Taylor at the bottom of this article!

How does your business serve the community?


I am a personal brand photographer and I help small business owners tell the story of their business through photography. 


One of the main vehicles today for getting your business out there is social media, and having photos that help tell your story and show your personality as a business owner are really helpful to connect with your audience. 


I love to capture the essence of the business, so I dive a little deeper and learn more about what the passion is and what’s driving the business owner. 


There are a lot of intuitively-led businesses in our community, and sometimes you can read the description of what someone does but you don’t really know what the experience is like.


I aim to capture the business owner's creation process so that they can form a connection with future clients and foster engagement by showing their audience the passion behind what it is they’re doing. 


I did a photo giveaway with Babes and Brews and I ended up capturing a business owner that does traditional Hawaiian massage mixed with sound healing.


I actually had her do the massage for the photos, and it was way better than me staging it. I really got to capture her in her essence and people can see the passion and love that’s coming through in her work. 

Juliette's Intention Word for 2022 is to SHARE.


Discover more about her in our Q&A interview below and see some photos she's captured of our community.

Juliette Headshot.jpg

These are some intentional moments that Juliette artfully captured from the

March 2021 Babes Boho Picnic. 


What does it mean to be a wholehearted business and how does that tie into yours?

My definition of being a heart-led business is one that leads with good intention. How I integrate that in my business is by working with these specific types of business owners in our community and working with the clients that I believe I can actually be a benefit to them and help them leverage their business in this way. 

There are a lot of people I work with that tell me how different their experience is with me, and how the sessions are so much fun. As someone who’s capturing the essence of what a business does, it’s important to allow myself to be vulnerable so that they can also be vulnerable.

What attracted you to join this community?

I moved here about three years ago and I was just looking for a meditation center and Googled meditation and for some reason, Babes and Brews came up. I just happened to click on the link and figured I would just go to one event. 

The first thing I always say when I talk about this with people is that there are very authentic and genuine women that attend these gatherings. 

It was one of the first times I sat with a group of women and I felt like I was in a safe space. I didn’t feel judged or awkward and I immediately felt okay to be vulnerable, which I think is what makes Babes and Brews so special. We take down what protects us and we allow ourselves to open up. 

And also most of these women are small business owners, and I thought that was just really outstanding. The women have so much to bring to the table as caring beings and how they serve the community. It feels like a sistership with women that you may or not even know yet.


Juliette created her wholehearted brand photography business to support small business owners in creating and developing their brand identity through professional imagery. 

Featured here is Everlur, sharing their manifestation jewelry at the Babes and Brews Pampr'd Soul event in June 2021.


Do you have a favorite Babes and Brews event that you’ve attended and if so, why was it memorable?

I feel like every time I go to an event part of my life has been healed. The Babes and brews launch party at the end of 2019 had four or five speakers at the event, and I was newer to the community, but these speakers that she had were really impactful for me. 

I left amazed by these powerhouse women in the community that are healers but also women that want to help you achieve your dreams. I was so grateful to be a part of this community and that there are women that are motivated and motivated to help people like that. 

I ended up working with some of the women from there receiving healing and growth in my life. Every single meeting is impactful but that one was the most.

What are two women-owned businesses you love supporting?

One of my favorite women-owned businesses to support is Health Expression Chiropractic. Her name is Dr. Martha, and she is my chiropractor - so that’s one way that I support her. I feel that she is doing something so groundbreaking for her work, she’s taking chiropractic and she’s creating a holistic practice. 

It’s so inspiring and motivating to see that, and I feel so lucky to experience her business and her in general. I’ve also captured her professional photos, and she’s someone that I love supporting because I think her work is important in changing the traditional ways of chiropractic. 

She really dedicates her time to the practice, and does a body scan, chiropractic, mixes reiki, uses essential oils, and reads affirmations. When I leave her I feel whole in so many ways. I love to follow her and tell people about her and learn from her on social media as well. 

Another woman-owned business that has helped me is Jasmine Star. She was a top branding photographer for a while and turned into a social media branding expert. I follow her and I feel like with so many new things coming out for social media, Jasmine is always educating. I personally love to share any information that I have, so I love how she is helping so many people for free. Her tips are super helpful and relevant.

Babes and Brews Founder

Steff Smith, experienced a brand photoshoot from Juliette -

scroll down for a testimonial on her experience. 


How do you fill your own cup?

I think it’s different at this stage of my life. As a mother filling my cup is different, and these days it’s even more important.

Being very quiet and still in nature is so important, and that’s why I love Arizona. We can be outside most of the time here - which I'm very grateful for. 

There’s so much activity in my life, and with a small child, it is imperative to slow down and be quiet.

Are there any business goals you'd like to share or something you're planning that you're excited about?

Within the year I will be launching my online program that teaches small business owners how to take their own branding photography and how to leverage that on social media. I haven’t seen anything like that and I think branding photography can help every business. 

Some of the photos I’ve been taking recently for my Instagram are iPhone photos because I want to show that anyone can do this themselves. I’ll show people really easy and cost-effective ways to take their own branding photos and uplevel their branding in a simple way. 

Sometimes you have these great photos but don’t know how to use them, so I really want to be able to teach people how to do that.

"Juliette brought so much joy to our photography session and she helped me feel fully present, and comfortable, while capturing such intentional shots. Working with other photographers in the past, I have felt rushed and pretty awkward

in front of the camera.


Working with Juliette helped me build my confidence and strengthen the courage to share my message even more! She has a way of capturing my whole-hearted essence in these photos and I am so grateful!"


Babes and Brews Founder Steff Smith

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