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Meet Babes and Brews Community Partner

Jackie Garay

Babes and Brews Blogger Taylor Bishop created this series to share the inspiring stories of our Community Partners

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Jackie's Intention for 2022 is to create from a heart-centered space

Jackie shares how community and sound healing have created the container for her to pursue her dream of starting a curated bodega in her own neighborhood. 

Connect with Jackie

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How does your business serve the community?

By actually living in this community and neighborhood I feel like we have been able to see where there were missed moments. 


It was an idea that was planted as a seed throughout our travels in Latin America, there were so many beautiful neighborhoods that we went to and it was so amazing because a family would live behind the shop or above. Every time we went to these small little neighborhoods off the beaten path we always found these little corner stores where they had essential items. They also had the best recommendations and stories about the neighborhood and where to go. And it turned into beyond this transaction of oh, here’s my money I need water…it was like this beautiful energy exchange of sharing why they live here and what they love about this place. 


When we purchased our first home as a couple here in the Garfield neighborhood,  I first fell in love with the area because it was very artist-driven and eccentric and kind of reminded me of the places we stayed and fell in love with. And when this space became available it was pretty gnarly because we had basically 48 hours to make our decision.


It was definitely a moment of asking if I wanted to pursue this heart’s calling? It was drastically different from what I was doing before, which was interior design with office hours and that kind of traditional work. And I just hit a wall where I’m just like man, I just want to connect with the people, my neighbors, and I want to be able to offer them high-quality goods that range from wine to crystals, plants, flowers and much more.


I work with local vendors and I really just wanted to build something that was for the community. I never really thought that I would settle down in Phoenix but once we came back I fell in love with the desert again. The fact that I didn’t see a place that existed like this really made me want to bring this to the place that I grew up in and call home.

What attracted you to join this community?

I feel like it’s both that Babes and Brews found me and it was also something that I was calling in for the longest time. 


I’ve always wanted that sisterhood and have admired so many women business owners. I saw them and wanted to be that for so long. 


It’s not something that I would have naturally gravitated towards because I get shy, and the idea of talking about my feelings makes me feel a little vulnerable. 


But I was so inspired after the first meetup and I just celebrated that this was what I was calling in. 


There’s always something that someone shares that just hits home and it’s this love note to my heart that just needed that medicine. It’s the most perfect way to support one another and I loved that I got to see people in different parts of their journey.


In the meetups, I would just share my ideas and what I’m into and then I would meet women who were three years into their business. It really made me feel like my dreams weren’t impossible and that we are all witnessing each other grow. 

Do you have a favorite community experience that you'd like to share? 

The first Babes and Brews meetup we hosted at the bodega was really special. I got to reflect back on my own journey when I first met Steff and all the ideas I had shared with her. To come full circle and host a meetup in a place I’ve built and poured so much love in was so special to me on a personal level. 


But I also loved the Boho Picnic. It was so dreamy and I was able to create mocktails for that event and use a different creative muscle. 

Buena Vida Bodega PHX

With the help of her community, Jackie opened Buena Vida Bodega in the fall of 2021 in downtown Phoenix.

Buena Vida Bodega Phoenix

This line from the Bodega's website says it best "We seek to curate a selection of goods and wares, handpicked with the highest intentions."

Wine Shopping Downtown Phoenix

A rainbow of bottles displayed at the Bodega! Pick up a bottle and some dried flowers for someone you love (that includes yourself, babe)

Crystal Shop Phoenix

You can also find intentionally-sourced crystals that pair great with incense and other spiritual practice goods from the shop.

Buena Vida Bodega

And she's just as beautiful at night!

Buena Vida Bodega Phoenix Drinks

While the Bodega has a great selection of local wines and beers, it also offers unique alcohol-free drinks.


The Bodega sources local-made goods by a few of our Community Partners including these herbal tinctures & chakra teas created by

Mystical Medicinals.

(Pictured on the left/above)


What are two women-owned businesses you love supporting?

Two come first to my mind. 


Monique Angelyca, In This Moment Therapy, not only because we’ve hosted events together but because as a facilitator and as a healer she hands down shows up in the purest and most amazing way I’ve ever seen. 

When I receive sound healings from her I feel so alive and that my whole aura has been cleansed from the inside out. She makes everyone feel so comfortable wherever they’re at in their journey. 

At her last circle, she had us chanting and I really felt like from the inside out I learned how to cleanse my whole aura. And so now I’ll start humming and kind of get that reverb in myself and if it wasn’t for Monique that probably wouldn't be something I have in my practice. She gives people the tools they need to find what needs to be healed. 


Another woman-owned business that I love is Eternal Womb.


Cassandra is an amazing space holder and what I love about my one-on-ones together is that we dive deep into the womb space. I feel that I was able to launch the bodega and creative projects because I spent so much time tending to that disconnect to my divine energy.


I really learned about that and to listen to it in more of an intuitive way. It made me comfortable with putting my hands on my womb space and recognizing that it’s fertile space to create ideas. 


Jackie often facilitates healing through sound and scent, but she also receives healing work from Community Partners like Cassandra Arias, Creatrix of Eternal Womb.


How do you fill your own cup?

The last few months I’ve put myself on the back burner and I felt that in my body. There have been so many new life events that have happened in such a short span of time, and honestly playing music has helped me so much. 


That’s my nighttime thing that I do after the bodega. I have my cedar wood Spanish guitar that I just love so much and every time I get to play it and hear the warm sounds of the nylon strings it feels like I’m retuning myself energetically. 


I put it on pause, but then remembered that I need to have that fun creative expression. 

Are there any business goals you'd like to share or something you're planning that you're excited about?

Last year was a lot of building and systems, from physically building the space to figuring out our offerings and hours. This year I’m really excited to bring in more creative energy. I do aromatherapy blending so I’m looking forward to formulating my own blends for the shop as well as bringing my sound offerings to the community on what I like to call the bodega’s plant patio. 


Babes and Brews Founder Steff Smith

"When you wholeheartedly follow your dreams from a space of love, the Universe will bring you the people, resources, and everything you need to bring it to life.  This is true for Jackie, after watching her over the past couple years, soften into self-love, fill her own damn cup first, and create with so much heart & intention–she has cultivated a safe and open space for her community to tap into little magical moments of bliss amongst the everyday essentials.


You definitely got to check out this local gem, nestled in the heart of the Historic Garfield District of Downtown Phoenix.  Buena Vida Bodega will elevate your spirit, and you’ll be sure to leave with a

smile on your heart."

Visit Buena Vida Bodega 



Tue-Thurs 12pm-8pm, Fri 12pm-9pm, Sat 12am-9pm, Sun 11am-6pm, Closed Monday


1002 E. Pierce St., Suite 101, Phoenix 

Website/Social Media:

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Meet Babes and Brews Blogger
Taylor Bishop

Taylor has always been passionate about sculpting stories, and followed her calling in 2014 to move from New Mexico to Phoenix for journalism school. She quickly fell in love with the diverse nature and people in state 48 - and with her partner, Phil. 

With a knack for social media and building community, Taylor has worked with travel and tourism clients, nonprofits, and conscious business leaders to tell their stories with intention and authenticity. 


She is a Manifesting Generator Gemini (Aquarius moon, Taurus rising) who loves learning about crystal healing, growing + foraging fungi, and rockhounding. 


Taylor has met so many powerful, passionate women through Babes and Brews, and she is so grateful that she took the leap to attend her first meetup last April at Lacuna Kava Bar in DTPHX (and is always open to meeting up with new babes over artisinal kratom mocktails in the high vibe space). 


Taylor is currently building a digital nomad lifestyle spending a balance of her time between her home in Arizona and in the Pacific Northwest where she loves to frolic in the forest. You can find posts about her van life, cute animals, and other

adventures on her Instagram.

Taylor Bishop Phoenix
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