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babes in biz:

transformational mastermind

for wholehearted women

who impact the world.


September  2020.

from hardwork to heartwork

This is for you if...

  • You are a WholeHearted Woman who lives with intention & leads with heart in her life & business.

  • You are a conscious woman ready to tap into more courage & embrace your inner Brave Babe to move ahead with aligned action.

  • You are gentle & heart-centered soul, with the passion & fire for what you want to create in our world.

  • You are ready to invest into your dreams to impact the world with your purpose & to serve WholeHeartedly.

heartwork is about

understanding your energy

To gain the confidence & clarity to take more action in business & lead with more heart.

--It starts with your energy.

Personal Energy Efficiency can help you:

  • Organize all your million ideas into inspired action

  • Choose a focus to enhance your productivity 

  • Simplify the action steps to release feelings of overwhelm & procrastination

  • Strengthen your energy with time boundaries & create more freedom in your schedule

  • Cultivate grounding energy to find more presence

This will Impact your Business Energy Efficiency: 

  • Understand & strengthen the energy of your offerings to attract your ideal clients

  • Open clear channels of communication to share you message

  • Take consistent aligned action to cultivate a community & support others with your unique gifts​

enhance your energy & elevate your business 


tuesday | may 26th, 2020

This 3 Month Experience Includes:

  • Seven 1-on-1 Heartwork Energy Coaching Calls with Steff Smith,  (Energy Coach & Founder of Babes & Brews) to create a simple aligned action plan to bring your gifts to the world.

  • Seven Transformational Mastermind Group Calls to create an environment infused with accountability, motivation, and support from other Brave Babes in an intimate group setting.

  • Personalized Business/Offering Strategizing & Structuring--to build a solid foundation for your business to thrive.

  • Weekly Aligned Action Steps--to integrate new lessons & keep the momentum moving

  • Signal Voice Message Support--for checkins & simple communication between Mastermind calls.

  • All Access to our Online Community of Whole-Hearted Women--to connect with other women like you.

  • Lifetime access to the Mastermind Call Recordings--to reference as you grow.


tuesday | may 26th, 2020

BONUSES included:

  • Three Months of our VIP MEMBERSHIP  --Unlimited Access to our Community Events & Support

  • Business Feature in our Babes in Biz: Online Business Directory  

  • Opportunity to host your own event/experience with our Babes & Brews Community!

are you a wholehearted woman ready to embrace

your inner BRAVE BABE?

Results include:

  • Clarity to Follow Your Heart & Understand the Power of Your Energy & Presence

  • Confidence to Share Your Offerings & Your Message to serve the People you're here to support

  • Courage to Take Consistent Bold & Aligned Action towards achieving your business goals

  • Skills to Strengthen Your Energy, Your Intentions & Your ability to hold a Solid Safe Space of Gathering & Healing. 

  • Accountability with weekly 1 on 1 & Group Calls

  • Community Support from your Fellow Babes in Biz

  • Tools to Build a Solid Foundation to Support Your Community & Grow Your Business. 

Happy Coffee

and so it begins:

September 2020

what women love about

babes in biz 

molly .JPG

Juliette Ordonia Photography

My experience with Babes in Biz was such a positive one. The space that Steff creates and who she brings with her is SAFE, INVITING, and SUPPORTIVE.


We got to dive into some important tools that I am currently using in my business. And we also had the opportunity of meeting other women who were in the same boat of female entrepreneurship, such a great space to plan collaborations.


It’s definitely worth the energetic investment.

I look forward to participating again in the future!

Molly O. 

Holistic Health Practitioner & Reiki Master

The Babes in Biz Mastermind was exactly what I needed.  Steff's guidance and accountability helped me get further on my project than I had alone in years.


Before the mastermind I was overwhelmed and unsure of myself and my business, and now I've left with a solid plan and the confidence to keep moving forward. 


Each mentor call was unique and informative, and I was able to take away something from each and immediately apply it to my life and business. I also loved getting to connect with the other women in the group and participating in the Babes & Brews events.


I would definitely recommend this experience!

Heather C. 

Holistic Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

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