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Meet Babes and Brews Community Partner

Mora Steele

Babes and Brews Blogger Taylor Bishop created this series to share the inspiring stories of our Community Partners

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Mora's Intention for 2022 is to EMBODY

Mora shares how Hair & Healing has grown into a unique and intentional concept that combines high vibe hair dressing in a safe space for transformation from root to crown. 

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How does your business serve the community?

I create a very intentional space that was built through my heart space and through my own process. I’ve been doing hair for about 14 years and really went on my own personal journey throughout that amount of time. I really started to realize a few years ago that I was going to be spearheading this different way of what I would consider crown care. 


I’m very intentional now who I go to for certain things, like even my nails or my lashes. So, I wanted to create an environment for people that are more on the spiritual side in our community where you're nurtured with the activation and support of the crown because I believe it’s our connection to source and it should be held very sacredly. 


I feel it’s more of an ancient medicine that I’m bringing through, but in a modern way in a modern-day salon, so I wanted to make sure it felt like you could have both. 


I do what I love and I follow my heart and I end up discovering opportunities to serve in a new way. Creating this took many years of me working on my own heart and figuring what it is that I want to bring to the world and Hair&Healing was really born through that.

How have you seen transformation in your clients?

It really depends on the intention that they’re setting. Some people want to come in just for a very quiet, nurturing appointment that’s more private and they leave very cared for and that might be exactly what they’re needing at that moment. 


I also have people coming in looking for a much deeper spiritual experience through their crown and with the space that I hold. I’ve heard a lot of really great feedback on how that has impacted their daily lives. And, when I watch them leaving, I get chills even saying this, I see them just up-leveled as really more of themselves and that’s what ripples out into the world. 


Their energy shifts and so as they’re leaving our lobby the people around them I notice can feel the lightness that they’re bringing through just by showing up for themselves. 


Hair&Healing is a space for transformation from root to crown. As a professionally trained With Heart Certified Energy Coach™️, Mora and her team are able to hold space at the highest level of Divine Healing Light, compassion and care in a judgement free zone.


What is the process of setting an intention with your clients?

Looking back at my whole career as a hairstylist, I can remember learning as early as my first day in beauty school how important consultations are in our work. 


So I took that to another level. I really wanted to understand the energetics of why people are doing whatever it is that they’re doing with their hair because there’s so much more to it. 


I give them the space to just say what their intention is. So, sometimes it’s to feel lighter or I’ve had people say they want to feel like a phoenix, or powerful, or sexy. When they state that word the magic happens, I’m able to really feel what that looks like from a color standpoint as well as the experience they can have. 


I had somebody who I met at a salon I used to work at, and when she sat down she expressed how she had seen someone else and was really unhappy with her experience. It was projected as, “I hate my hair, I don’t like me.” There was a lot of intensity that was happening and I realized she needed someone to help rebuild trust. 


It’s been a very delicate process with this person and we’ve grown close. I’ve seen this huge shift in her and recently, after a two-year period, she came in wanting something different. In my mind knowing that she didn’t like her hair lighter, I was nervous because I didn’t know how she would feel about what she was asking for. 


We did her hair and when she left I just didn’t see that elevated feeling. So, I called her and shared how it felt to me and I wanted to make sure she was happy. She still felt dark, but I could feel that she wanted to transition to this lighter space. 


I had her come back in and asked her if she trusts me. And I trusted my gut, held her through the entire process, and there were a lot of emotions for both of us. 


I highlighted the heck out of her hair and she left blonde, beautiful, and feeling like herself again. After I’ve been processing this, I am seeing that she really wanted to feel light but didn’t know what that meant, but trusted me enough and trusting source to let me work with her through the process. 


She left literally brighter and lighter feeling like a hot mom. And it wasn’t me, I want to make that so clear, it wasn’t me who did that for her. It was what came through me and what came through the entire process for both of us by literally trusting in the magic of hair and healing. 


That can happen in a one-hour session or over a few year period, it’s just about building trust with somebody. 


The consultations are pretty fluid but I always ask how I want them to feel leaving the salon.


These women both received a Lion Heart Hair Transformation Ceremony - a full sensory experience that includes ceremonial cacao, intention setting, and

energy clearing.


What does it mean to be a wholehearted business? 

What it means deep down is trusting your heart. I feel like I’ve had many opportunities to learn more about what that means because to be honest a lot of it doesn’t make logical sense. 


Trusting that and doing the work in order to be clear so that whatever is coming through feels pure and clean in order for you to build off of it. Having that foundation being heart-centered is everything and I really believe that’s what the world right now is really being birthed upon again is remembering and trusting in their own heart in order to really help ripple that out to the people around them.

How do you fill your cup? 

It’s choosing how I want to feel. With two little boys and being a single momma, and they’re pretty young, so I don’t have a lot of quiet time. 


The shower for me is my sanctuary. I lock myself in the bathroom and I really set that intention. I allow the water to clear anything that might be lingering around, and I do a lot of crying in the shower - which feels really good to me. 


I’m able to give myself a moment to tune in to how I’m feeling right now and how I want to feel. And then I’m opening myself up to receive that next step, it doesn’t need to be long-term, it’s really about what’s the next thing I need to do to maybe protect my energy more or honor whatever is coming through my heart. 


I’m doing it in a way that works for my lifestyle because I am very busy. For me, setting aside two hours to meditate isn’t practical at this time in my life.

Why were you first attracted to Babes and Brews and do you have a favorite meetup memory? 

Finding someone to hold unbiased space for your process is so important, especially from that loving heart space and that’s how I found Babes and Brews. 


That’s what Steff does, it’s very heart-centered and it’s a place for people to come for either support, connection, or maybe some networking depending on what each person is really looking for. So, that’s really what attracted me to what she was doing was there were really a lot of heart-centered businesses but this also felt like a space for people to come together and connect, unlike a typical networking space.

My favorite event was one that we actually did together. We did a cookie exchange for the holidays a couple of years ago. 


I loved it because it was a mix of everything that Babes and Brews is. It was sweet, it was also a time together when not a lot of people were having groups in person. 


It felt lighthearted and I loved talking about the intention behind which cookie we brought. But in the end, we’re sitting there eating cookies with our girlfriends and connecting.


Mora and her family love a good photoshoot with their favorite brand photographer, Tara Dunn Photography. 


Speaking of community, can you share with us two women-owned businesses you love supporting?

I’ve been working with Tara Dunn Photography for about three years now. She’s my branding photographer and she also does our family photography. 


What I love about working with Tara is that she really captures the feel and heart space that I want to share - and she’s so flexible. 


Sometimes we’ll be in Downtown Phoenix and I have this idea where I’m really wanting this kind of vibe and she delivers that but also offers amazing suggestions. Lately, we’ve both been feeling this golden hour vibe and so everything that she does for us has that natural soft lighting. But it’s not really the lighting, it’s what’s portrayed through that and the feeling people get when they look at her photography. 


And then I recently started to see Lindsey with Lash & Glow Beauty Bar. She does my lashes and I schedule my appointment consistently to really just be in her energy and field. There are times where we talk the entire time and other times where I need to be in full meditation and she can just hold the space for that. 


There’s something really special about how she holds space. She is also now a business coach, so is she starting to really branch out and share her systems so I work with her in that way too. 


I’ve been working with her for a few months and it’s been very grounding and it just makes sense for someone as flowy as me. And that’s really what I love about her is her groundedness and her structure, it feels really safe. 

Are there any business goals you'd like to share or something you're planning that you're excited about?


I’ve been open for six months now and have learned so much. 


Recently I’m finding many of my clients enjoy private to semi-private appointments. In the hairstylist world, we usually have a ton of people in the salon are hustling. But that doesn’t work for me or for the people I hold space for. 


So, starting in March, we’ll be offering semi-private appointments for what I call high vibe hair. So, it’s an elevated hair experience where we have a tea blend they get to have and they get more one-on-one time with me, but it’s also for people who may not be wanting a deeper ceremony. 


I also offer private hair ceremonies where we have ceremonial cacao and I open my channel to support anything that needs to be released. I add a bunch of love back into the crown and before they leave we ground them fully by giving them a snack and making sure that they feel nice and sealed. 


I’m going to start offering more classes and gatherings as well! I want to start collaborating with people who have the same values and really get people together.


Babes and Brews Founder Steff Smith

"I have never felt so seen while sitting in a salon chair.  Mora’s hair & healing transformation has been truly life changing and each time I leave her salon, I feel lighter and more confident! If you’re ready to love your hair, and feel like your higher self, I highly recommend you see Mora! Hair & Healing helps you come back to your heart and I’m so grateful for her."

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