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Meet Babes and Brews Community Partner

Jude Luth

Babes and Brews Blogger Taylor Bishop created this series to share the inspiring stories of our Community Partners

Learn more about Taylor at the bottom of this article!

Jude's Intention for 2022 is GROWTH and SUPPORT

Jude is a passionate Phoenix-based business owner who facilitates Nature reconnection for our community through yoga, handcrafted herbal medicine, and many events at

his space, Biophilia. 

Connect with Jude

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Jude Luth

How does your business serve the community?


In May of 2014, I rented this space so that I could teach yoga classes, but I didn’t know how far the yoga was going to go for me. 


I realized after a few years that I was trying to compete with big yoga studios and growth just wasn't happening. Around 2018, I started collaborating and seeing other people in the Valley that didn’t have a brick and mortar space. 


Together we’ve hosted multisensory experiences in this space from karate to crystal courses and of course, yoga. 


What you see now, these surrounding plants just happened during 2020. I was shut down for seven months because of the pandemic and thought I might lose the space. 


An idea germinated in my mind at that time about how I wanted to create a green space inside and use the idea of biophilic elements to soften up an interior space. Plants lower our blood pressure and heart rate, and clean the air - so it was perfect. 


I got really resourceful and completely changed the vibe in the space. Thankfully, the community has been really receptive to the transformation into this magical jungle scenery you experience today. 


Someone then introduced me to Peerspace, and I was able to start renting the space out for events. I tried to make everything intentional so that when you come in you see the plants, peacock chairs, and a natural environment with a pleasing Earth palette. 


I’m astounded constantly by what people have created here. 


What does it mean to you to be a wholehearted business? 


It means really being able to show up for the community in a big way, but through that journey I will forget about caring for myself. So, when you have those shadow days I really have to accept those parts of myself and not judge them. 


Sometimes in our community, we can get bright sided and, without meaning to, we can try to solve problems instead of listening. But sometimes you need that time to feel that way, because I’ll allow that space for others so why can’t I have rough days too? 

Being wholehearted means allowing the good days, the bad days, and trying not to judge myself so much because I don’t want to judge others. 


It takes the whole community to keep this going and I’m so grateful to have this community.

biophilia - kseniya bachelorette babes.JPG

Biophilia's plants and earthy

tones make for the perfect

boho bachelorette party

& special events! 


Photography by @strybookluvphotography

Event setup by @saltssageevents

biophilia - kseniya bachelorette babes.JPG

​Can you share with us two businesses you love?


Mackenzie Dickson (Mystical Medicinals) and Steff Smith (Babes and Brews Founder) have supported me on a business level but also as friends and emotional support. Some days I might forget about my self-care but they won’t let me. 


I’ve learned so much from Mackenzie about life but especially about working with crystals. She knows anything and everything and I’m so proud of what she’s done. 


And, I’ve had the opportunity to host several Babes and Brews events here at Biophilia and was honored to be involved in the group circle. Steff is such a connector, and has helped make connections in my business to be more efficient with my energy. 


How do you fill your own cup? 


I need to set aside the time on my calendar for self-care otherwise it goes right by. And, I try not to make a whole list of things to do but just things that I know will help me. 

Getting out into nature is my number one recharge, since I’m a little bit more of an introvert. 

biophilia mirros.JPG

Biophilia started as a space for yoga and Plant Medicine, but has evolved into also being a popular container for a variety of healing events, photoshoots, and classes.

Right photo by @strybookluvphotography

Event setup by @saltssageevents

salt sage setup biophilia.JPG

Are there any business goals you'd like to share or something you're planning that you're excited about?


I want to start teaching herbalism classes, since one of my big passions is medicine making.


It was empowering for me to learn how herbal medicine is an option in replacement or in conjunction with pharmaceuticals, so I want to show people that they can make their own medicine. 


Mother Earth medicine doesn’t have to be a complicated ritual, we have been disconnected from that but it’s coming back. It really gets you connected to your healing conversation with Mother Earth, and I see myself as a connector to help others work with nature. 


Beyond that, I offer shop hours for my apothecary and host several events a week including breathwork, yoga, crystal healing and more.


Babes and Brews Founder Steff Smith

"Partnering with Jude & Biophilia brings such radiant joy in my life.  The space is a true natural beauty and she always feels so welcoming, supportive and abundant of opportunities the minute you step inside Biophilia.  You can’t help but feel the love & connection that is poured in by Jude and our conscious community of creators and space holders. 


Jude is amazing to work with.  He sets the standard high for wholehearted service, and it really shows in every collaboration and conversation we have.  If you’re looking for an open, inspiring space to bring your ideas to life & connect with your community–I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you partner

with Jude & Biophilia."

Get in touch with Biophilia 

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Meet Babes and Brews Blogger
Taylor Bishop

Taylor has always been passionate about sculpting stories, and followed her calling in 2014 to move from New Mexico to Phoenix for journalism school. She quickly fell in love with the diverse nature and people in state 48 - and with her partner, Phil. 

With a knack for social media and building community, Taylor has worked with travel and tourism clients, nonprofits, and conscious business leaders to tell their stories with intention and authenticity. 


She is a Manifesting Generator Gemini (Aquarius moon, Taurus rising) who loves learning about crystal healing, growing + foraging fungi, and rockhounding. 


Taylor has met so many powerful, passionate women through Babes and Brews, and she is so grateful that she took the leap to attend her first meetup last April at Lacuna Kava Bar in DTPHX (and is always open to meeting up with new babes over artisinal kratom mocktails in the high vibe space). 


Taylor is currently building a digital nomad lifestyle spending a balance of her time between her home in Arizona and in the Pacific Northwest where she loves to frolic in the forest. You can find posts about her van life, cute animals, and other

adventures on her Instagram.

Taylor Bishop Phoenix
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