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You're ready to reach your dream clients and build your community. 

It's time to incorporate intentional, short-form video on your social media to build connection with your audience.


Your Content Session includes:  

  • 60min. Online Content Session with Events Expert & Community Founder Steff Smith
  • Learn how to create short-form video & b-roll that will promote your heart-led business, events, & offerings.
  • Learn how to stop wasting your time on Instagram and start building connection with your audience.


What is B-Roll Content?  Short video clips to enhance your content with context and visual interest to help tell your story.  (Great for Reels)


Other Hot Soul-cial Content Lessons:

  • How to incorporate the power of video in creating your authentic content.
  • How to create value-packed content & connect with your community.
  • IG 101:  How to make IG reels & Stories that speak to your ideal clients
  • How to build Connection & Engagement with your ideal clients
  • How to sell your offerings and promote your events through story-sharing
  • How to build a community of your dream clients and not just an audience of "anybody."


Your audience wants to see more than what you do for work.  They want to feel connected & aligned with purpose.  They want to feel seen and understood by you, knowing that you can help them on their journey.


Are you ready to start enjoying social media and feel inspired to connect with your online community?  Book your session today.


Meet Your Events Expert & Content Creatrix:

Steff Smith, Founder of Babes & Brews Community and Certified Energy Coach--has 6 years of experience building wholehearted community, organizing multi-faceted collaborations, and is well-known for her expansive connections & resources as a Community Events Expert.  Her mission is to support Community Creators & Facilitators (like you) to grow your heart-led business and help you build your community.  After facilitating over 400 community events & collaborations with heart-centered communities throughout Phoenix Arizona, she has a wide-range of experience and refreshing perspective when it comes to all things events, community, and soul-cial media.


Aligned: Creating Content that Connects with Your Dream Clients

  • No refunds or transfers of services.  Thank you for understanding.

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