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Here is your Next Level Ask me Anything--Enjoy 33min. to dive into all your burning questions on all things community building, events, retreats, content, and more!


Why 33 minutes?

--The number 33 means anything is possible. This powerful angel number is also known as a master number because of its double digits mirroring each other and its powerful vibrations. The number 33 is linked to themes around creative thinking, deep compassion, spiritual-level connections, discipline, and bravery.   source:


Curious how to start a community that attracts your ideal clients?

Where do you start when it comes to marketing your events & retreats?

How do you create content that stands out from the noise, connects & converts your ideal clients?


Book Your Call to Start--

  1. Identify the obstacles that are preventing you from selling your events and retreats.
  2. Discover what most facilitators forget when it comes to successful marketing.
  3. Start taking action to set yourself (and your events) up for success in 2024.


Create the structure for success + sustainability in your business that creates space for you to follow your intuition & deep knowing.



Meet Your Events Expert & Community Connector:

Steff Smith, Founder of Babes & Brews Community and Certified Energy Coach--has 6 years of experience building wholehearted community, organizing multi-faceted collaborations, and is well-known for her expansive connections & resources as a Community Events Expert.  Her mission is to support Community Creators & Facilitators (like you) to grow your heart-led business and help you build your community.  After facilitating over 400 community events & collaborations with heart-centered communities throughout Phoenix Arizona, she has a wide-range of experience and refreshing perspective when it comes to all things events, community, and soul-cial media.

"Anything is Possible" Consulting Session

  • No refunds.  Contact us if you need to reschedule your call.

  • After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email in 24hours, with the Calendly link to schedule your call.  

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