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Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to all the little details in planning your community event?


Are you looking for the perfect local business & event space to host your event?


Are you looking to partner with aligned businesses that understand the intention & value of your event/experience?


Are you wondering "where do I even begin?"  when it comes to creating a successful and intentional live event? 


This 60 minute Community & Events Consultation call is just for you.


I provide an open creative space for you to brain dump all your ideas, ask questions, bounce ideas, and receive support from Community & Events Expert & Certified Energy Coach, Steff Smith.


On this call you will:

  1. Identify all the details you didn't know you needed when it comes to creating an intentional event/gathering/retreat --what you need to know, where to start.
  2.  Create your unique Events Support Container/Foundation -create with intention to help organize an event that feels like what you envision for your guests/community.
  3. Feel more confident & focused to make decisions and create with confidence knowing all the details and how to plan your most successful event yet!


Learn from my 5+ years experience of creating community & over 300 events--

  • How to bring your idea/download into reality & build your community.
  • How to transform your passion/event into a thriving community.
  • How to efficiently connect on social media & stop wasting your time & energy.
  • How to stop chasing your audience and start growing your community.
  • How to create a safe & supportive container for authentic connection.
  • Why your ideal clients & your business both need community moving into the future. (It's more than a trend)
  • and more!


**If you would like exclusive, hands on support in organizing or managing your upcoming event(s) or your community/business launch, contact us to schedule a connection call and learn more.


It's an honor to help you simplify & create an experience that you can enjoy WITH your community (and not have to spend all your time and energy lost in the details.)


We would love to support you in creating an intentional & memorable experience that impacts your business & community!


*Each Consulting Call is unique to you, your energy, and your intentions/goals.


Learn more about Steff Smith, Certified Energy Coach + Community Founder

Community Building & Events Consultation

  • No refunds available.

  • After purchasing your Consulting Call, you will receive a confirmation email & a Calendly link to schedule your call. 

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