Includes one 90 minute Energy Coaching & Business Consulting Deep Dive session with With Heart Certified Energy Coach & Founder of Babes & Brews Community, Steff Smith.


Why Conscious Business Owners &

Community Leaders love these calls:


  • Receive clarity & guidance to grow your conscious business and/or community.
  • Tap into the essence of your offerings to create heart-centered & intentional experiences your community will love.
  • Strengthen your energy & alignment of intentions, purpose, & the influence  so your clients and community feels the difference you make.
  • Rediscover your Why to fuel your aligned action & build momentum.
  • Make a bigger impact in your community with your Heart-Centered Connection, Offerings & Services.


Each Session is Customized to Your Energy & Your Needs.


Results May Include:


  • Customized Conscious Business Strategy & Structure to Create More Energy Flow
  • Simple & Aligned Action Steps with your Intentions & Goals

  • How to Observe & Balance the Masculine & Feminine Energy in Your Business

  • How to Integrate Your Higher Self & Strengthen Your Intuition to make Decisions Aligned in your Purpose.
  • Social Media Energy Audit to create an Omnipresent Brand on all your Social Platforms
  • How to Enhance Your Time & Energy Managment
  • and More!


This Call is for You If...


  • You're ready to take consistent aligned action in your business and/or community TODAY.
  • You've got a big mission or message to share that will support your community in the vibration of love & radical compassion.
  • You've got so many ideas & gifts to share, and desire the clarity & direction to move into aligned action.
  • You're open to receiving support & guidance from your higher self.
  • You're constantly pouring into others, and are ready to create the space for you to receive, create, & lead from a wholeheart.


Are you ready, Babe?


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Energy Coaching & Business Consulting Deep Dive

  • No refunds available.