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Is energy coaching for you?

Energy coaching with Steff is a transformational coaching experience that incorporates her experience as a Community Creator & the With Heart Certified Energy Coaching 8 Pillar System.

Her unique style of coaching helps you better understand & enhance your energy & the energy around you (eg. your business, relationships, community, abundance, etc.)


When you understand how to enhance your energy, you can overcome energetic blocks & limiting beliefs that directly effect you, the abundance in your life & the impact of your business.

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Hi, I'm Steff!

I am a Community Creator, Transformational Energy Coach & Conscious Business Consultant.

As a WholeHearted woman just like you, I am devoted to following my heart and trusting the journey.  Doing so has guided me to create the Babes & Brews Community in 2018, for WholeHearted women who crave intentional connection & support on their journey to authenticity.

In 2020, my heart led me to complete my With Heart Energy Coaching Certification.  This has deeply enhanced my innate abilities as a space holder & facilitator to support other community creators & conscious business owners.


I  believe as a multi-faceted woman, it is your responsibility to Fill Your Cup First, Babe. 


You can't pour from an empty cup--and that goes for business, family, community, and all the things you give your energy to.

Learn more about me:

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"Steff held such a safe and loving space for me to express who I truly am. I learned so much about myself from working with her and gained clarity about my life path that I was so desperately looking for.  I would recommend working with Stephanie because she is so aligned in her truth, just being around her makes you feel like you are on the right path."


The Mindful Artist & Community Creator

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Energy Coaching is for You if:

  • You are a wholehearted woman who wants to share your heart medicine with the world, and is ready to receive financial abundance doing so.

  • You are a conscious business owner who is ready to reveal more  of your authenticity in your brand & create community vs. customers.

  • You are a community leader who is ready to create more heart-centered experiences & intentional offerings for your members.

  • You have a simple understanding of masculine and feminine energy & would love to create structure in your life that feels good and supports your big dreams.

  • You are ready for a personal transformation to shift the energy in your life & your business,  integrate your wholehearted essence, & become the highest version of yourself.

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Interested in ongoing coaching? Contact me here.

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